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2023 LNY Festival


On March 23,2020, Chuck Ng, the representative of "Berkeley Chinese Alumni International Association" (BCAIA) and "Chinese Community for COVID-19 Relief" (CCCR) was accompanied by
MCC Board members Margaret Fung, Nienhwa Cheng, Marian Kong, John Muniz, Vivian Li to go to Peninsula Health Care District office to give the medical PPE to support Mills Peninsula Hospital. The supplies included 140 N95 Alpha Protech masks, 75 Dupont Tyvek 400 Coveralls, 1200 Curad Gloves and 1200 Nitrile Exam Gloves( 400 L, 400 M and 400 S) which were donated by BCAIA and CCCR.




3月23日星期一上午11時Millbrae 文化交流協會幾位董事 Margaret Fung, 鄭念樺, 江李自安, 李瑩, John Muniz, 偕同柏克萊大學全球華人校友會(BCAIA)和華人社區緩解新冠病毒疫情團體 (Chinese Community for COVID-19 Relief:CCCR) 代表Chuck Ng將一批由BCAIA 和 CCCR捐贈的醫療物資, 包括140个N95 Alpha Protech口罩, 75件Dupont Tyvek 400防護衣, 1200套Curad nitrile exam中號手套, 400套Kirkland nitrile exam大號手套, 400套Kirkland nitrile exam 中號手套, 400套Kirkland nitrile exam 小號手套, 帶到半島健康護理區辦公室(PHCD), 區辦將會把物資轉捐給Mills Peninsula 醫院.​為這次支援抗疫捐助活動展開序幕. 

Media 媒體報導

On March 30, 2020 MCC Board members delivered 1190 pcs KN95 masks and 180 pcs N95 masks to Peninsula Hospital.

3月30 日, 協會董事將1370 片口罩送到半島醫院.

4/13/2020  @2:23 pm

Message from Dr. Clint Ladine, Senior Major Gift Officer, from Mills-Peninsula Hospital Foundation.





Hi Marian, it's Clint. Ladine from Mills-Peninsula Hospital Foundation. I just called to thank you for the generous donation of masks that you made to the hospital. We appreciate it greatly and it's so nice and our doctors and nurses are so very grateful. Thank you for extending yourself and helping our community at this time. I hope  you and your loved ones are safe, and thank you so much. Once again, have a great day. 

On April 1, 2020 MCC Board members and Lion's Club Board members delivered 2880 pcs KN95 masks to Peninsula Hospital, 720 pcs KN95 masks to City of Millbrae for police, fire, DPW staffs. 

​4月1日協會理事和獅子會理事們一起捐贈 2880片KN95 口罩給半島醫院, 720片口罩給Millbrae 市府警察局, 消防隊和工程部 

4/14/2020  @10:30 am

Message from Dr. Harriet  Borofsky from Mills-Peninsula Medical Center .





Good morning, this is Dr. Harriet Borofsky calling for Nienhwa. I'm calling from Mills-Peninsula Medical Center with a big huge Thank you for delivering the N95 masks for our front-line medical staff and physicians at the hospital means the world to us, and we really appreciate your effort in supporting us. If there's anything that we can do for you. Give us a call. Take care. Be safe and be well.



4/14/2020  @2:04 pm

Message from Dr. Harriet  Borofsky from Mills-Peninsula Medical Center .

Hi Mirian, this is Dr. Harriet Borofsky calling from Mills-Peninsula Medical Center to thank you for bringing in the masks and especially the N95 mask for our medical staff and doctors it is so greatly appreciated. Thank you for your thoughtfulness, your kindness and your generosity in doing that means them to us. Hope you're safe and be well.

On April 2, 2020 MCC Board members delivered 150 pcs Dupont Tyvek 400 coveralls to Peninsula Hospital, and 500 pcs Disposable medical masks to Millbrae Skilled Care.